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The Rise of the Seleukid Empire by John D. Grainger-P2P

The Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between Alexander’s death and the rise of Rome. It was ruled for all that time by a succession of able kings, but broke down twice, before eventually succumbing to dynastic rivalries, and simultaneous external invasions and internal grasps for independence. The first king, Seleukos I, established a pattern of rule which was unusually friendly towards his subjects, and his policies promoted the steady growth of wealth and population in many areas which had been depopulated when he took them over. In particular the dynasty was active in founding cities from Asia Minor to Central Asia. Its work set the social and economic scene of the Middle East for many centuries to come. Yet these kings had to be warriors too as they defended their realm from jealous neighbours. John D Grainger’s trilogy charts the rise and fall of this superpower of the ancient world. 

In the first volume, John D Grainger relates the remarkable twists of fortune and daring that saw Seleukos, an officer in an elite guard unit, emerge from the wars of the diadochi (Alexander’s successors) in control of the largest and richest part of the empire of the late Alexander the Great. After his conquests and eventual murder, we then see how his successors continued his policies, including the repeated wars with the Ptolemaic rules of Egypt over control of Syria. The volume ends with the deep internal crisis and the wars of the brothers, which left only a single member of the dynasty alive in 223 BC.

The Rise of the Seleukid Empire (323-223 BC): Seleukos I to Seleukos III by John D. Grainger-P2P
English |  ePUB+   | History  | 1.5 MB
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Say Cheese by April Blomgren-P2P

What if you were just sitting and moaning that your food is not at all tempting and this makes you really sad and depressed to function? Well, those days are over now as we bring you the “bestest” book ever for a reason to smile.
This book is the perfect way to just say cheese and cheese and you can smile and just smile and be happy. Some amazing mouthwatering cheesy recipes which will make you all smiles!

Say Cheese: The Ultimate Reason to Say Just Cheese with These 30 Cheese Recipes! by April Blomgren-P2P
English |  ePUB+   |  Food & Cook  | 8.4 MB
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Taste the Amazing Side of Asia by April Blomgren-P2P

Creativity and imagination in the kitchen and exotic taste are the main characteristics of the Asian cuisine.
Chinese cuisine is considered to be a sophisticated art, due to the many different styles of food preparation, with care taken of its appearance and taste perfectly and, of course, healthy. Rice and Chinese pasta are the most common contributions served with Chinese dishes, mostly prepared in a frying pan. Chili, garlic, and ginger are the most common spices of Chinese cuisine.
Japanese cuisine is based on seafood, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. One of the most popular and most famous Japanese dishes in which gourmets enjoy worldwide is sushi. This is actually a special way of preparing or processing raw fish. It is a salted fish in rice, served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Taste the Amazing Side of Asia: Try Delicacies from The Asia! by April Blomgren -P2P
English |  ePUB+   |  Food & Cook  | 8.7 MB
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The 30 Crunchiest Bread Recipes by April Blomgren-P2P

The flour, salt, yeast and water – all four when mixed together can make a haven!
Enjoy the ultimate baked bread recipes, enriched with various flavors and colors, adding a wave of sizzling magic and charm along with the superb taste to every day of your life. We are here, featuring the exciting 30 recipes that belong to various corners of world and hold an important place among different cuisines.
All it takes to make the bread for your breakfast and teatime is the four basic ingredients submerged in different flavors, providing the taste full of pleasure and joy. The quality of each of the recipe is excellent and is very easy to be made. All the ingredients are readily available while the instruction for making the recipes are mentioned clearly to make the readers feel easy while cooking them at their home.

Here Are The 30 Crunchiest Bread Recipes: The Best Bread Book with Crisp Outside and Soft Inside Recipes by April Blomgren -P2P
English |  ePUB +   |  Food & Cook  | 8 MB
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Magical Harry Potter Recipes by Anthony Boundy-P2P

Do you wonder about possibly recreating the foods you saw in the Harry Potter series? It isn’t that hard to do!
Many of the foods in the Harry Potter Universe are not much different than what people really eat in various areas of the world, especially Europe. Of course, there are some dishes only found in Harry Potter’s world, especially sweet treats.
You’ll learn all about Harry Potter recipes in this cookbook. While at Hogwarts, Harry Potter and his friends regularly eat some famous British foods that are good, and some that are not-as-good. I’ll only be making the GOOD dishes here.

Magical Harry Potter Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Great Hogwarts Dish Ideas! by Anthony Boundy-P2P
English |  ePUB+  |  Food & Cook  | 1 MB
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How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol. 2-P2P

Great questions – Fascinating answers.

How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol. 2-P2P
English | ISBN-10: 1908955740 | 212 pages | 2012 | PDF | 132.6 MB

The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows-P2P

Once consigned almost exclusively to Saturday morning fare for young viewers, television animation has evolved over the last several decades as a programming form to be reckoned with. While many animated shows continue to entertain tots, the form also reaches a much wider audience, engaging viewers of all ages. Whether aimed at toddlers, teens, or adults, animated shows reflect an evolving expression of sophisticated wit, adult humor, and a variety of artistic techniques and styles.

The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Series encompasses animated programs broadcast in the United States and Canada since 1948. From early cartoon series like Crusader Rabbit, Rocky and His Friends, and The Flintstones to 21st century stalwarts like The Simpsons, South Park, and Spongebob Squarepants, the wide range of shows can be found in this volume. Series from many networks—such as Comedy Central, the Disney Channel, Nickleodeon, and Cartoon Network— are included, representing both the diversity of programming and the broad spectrum of viewership. Each entry includes a list of cast and characters, credit information, a brief synopsis of the series, and a critical analysis. Additional details include network information and broadcast history.

The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows-P2P
Rowman & Littlefield | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1538103737 | 802 pages | PDF | 8.3 MB

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